Endangered species Urahoro Anemone blooms

The Urahoro Anemone, a flower that heralds the coming of spring in the Tokachi region of eastern Hokkaido, began blooming in Tobuto in the town of Urahoro around April 2, ten days earlier than usual. The white flower pushed its way through the withered, fallen leaves, breathing the spring wind that remains cold.

 According to Mochida Makoto, curator of the town’s municipal museum, the flower usually begins to bloom around mid-April.

 However, this year, the cherry-blossom front is moving northward earlier than usual and the Urahoro Anemone has led the way in heralding the arrival of spring in Tokachi.

 The flower, designated as ‘vulnerable’ on the Ministry of the Environment’s Red List, is a “survivor of the Ice Age” that is distributed on the Kamchatka Peninsula and coast region of Russia. It’s sensitivity to spring may be because of its familiarity with severe cold in harsh environments


Tobuto, Urahoro Town