Ezo red fox explores drift ice surface

Amidst the onset of the Okhotsk region drift ice season, on January 25 the town of Tokoro within Kitami City was one of the areas to receive an inflow of drift ice into its offshore area. At Tokoro Jonan Beach, drift ice covers the entire expanse.

Takahashi, head of the photography studio “photo takahashi” located right across from the beach, commented, “Up through yesterday, you could see the drift ice in the bay, but it was not until today that it flowed up to the beach area. When drift ice flows in, the waves go away, and it feels like we have been blanketed in quietude.”

In the afternoon of January 25, an Ezo red fox walked along the shore and the drift ice. Takahashi snapped photos of it, and reported, “Foxes are around all year, but in the winter time they are especially easy to find, and they are cute with their fluffy fur.”

Drift ice fills up the shore area, lit by the setting sun. A fox walks atop it. (4:00 p.m., January 25, Tokoro Jonan Beach)


Tokoro Town