First Mount Asahidake snow cap one day later than average

On September 26, the Asahikawa Local Meteorological Observatory announced that it observed the first snow cap on Hokkaido’s tallest peak, Mount Asahidake (2,291 meters tall), in Daisetsuzan National Park. This is one day later than average, and five days later than last year.
According to the Meteorological Observatory, a mass of cold air has moved into the sky, instantly chilling the area. Around the 1,600 meter high Mount Asahidake Sugatami Ropeway Station, the temperature dropped to 5 degrees Celsius on the morning of September 26, and the area from the Seventh Station to the peak was lightly dusted with snow. A ropeway operator said, “The first snow peak means that autumn colors will head from the high altitude alpine belt down towards the mountain base. I really want people to come and enjoy this sight.”


Mount Asahidake