First red-crowned cranes to visit Haboro in two years

Two red-crowned cranes visited a Haboro Town rice paddy in the morning sun (8:20 a.m., July 9)

Red-crowned cranes are a nationally protected species, and two of them were confirmed visiting a rice paddy in the Northern Hokkaido town of Haboro on July 9. According to the Hokkaido Seabird Center (Haboro), this is the third time red-crowned cranes have been spotted in Haboro, and the first time in two years, since June 2019. The coloring was still light on their black areas, including the neck, so they are thought to have been young cranes. They stuck their beaks into the rice paddy and energetically searched for food.

The man who discovered the red-crowned cranes commented, “Their heads were red, so I immediately knew they were red-crowned cranes. This was a priceless opportunity, so I want them to stay for a while.” Unfortunately, the cranes flew away soon after.


Hokkaido Seabird Center