Flower picking in lavender-perfumed Hitsujigaoka

A participatory lavender cutting opportunity was offered from July 8 to 18 at Sapporo Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill in the Toyohira-ku area of Sapporo. Families and tourists used scissors to cut beautiful purple flowers in full bloom, enjoying the sweet fragrance.

According to Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill, approximately one thousand lavenders grow in a 1,200 square meter field. The height is around 30-40 centimeters, and they entered their peak bloom season early this month, as usual. Participants who cut flowers were allowed to take home about 50 flowers per person. For lavenders, the stems have a stronger scent than the petals. Cutting them in small pieces and placing them in bags reportedly allows the scent to be enjoyed for over a year.

Parents and children enjoy cutting full-bloom lavenders


Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill