Flower raft brings color to Goryokaku moat

A rowing boat passes through the ‘flower raft’ of fallen petals floating on the surface of the water

On May 2, a ‘flower raft’ of fallen cherry-blossom petals was seen floating on the surface of the moat in Goryokaku Park in the city of Hakodate. The fantastic sight, like a carpet of pale pink petals, delighted both tourists and locals alike.

The cherry blossoms in the park opened on April 21, seven days earlier than normal, and were in full bloom on April 25. The petals fell in different places depending on the direction of the wind, and on the afternoon of May 2, the surface of the moat behind the Hakodate Magistrate’s Office was colored pink.
A male company employee from Sapporo who was visiting with his partner smiled as he said, “I noticed it while we were in the rowing boat. The petals floating on the water were fantastic.”


Hakodate Magistrate's Office