Fukujuso flowers bloom in Southern Hokkaido's Hakodate

Amidst the recent succession of pleasantly warm weather, the springtime herald flower fukujuso (Amur adonis) is entering its prime viewing season around the base of Mt. Hakodate.

In the Inao household garden in Aoyagicho, Hakodate, approximately 50 fukujuso flowers have bloomed. The sloping garden plot faces directly south, and the flowers show their faces this season yearly. According to Inao, due to cold temperatures reverberating throughout February, blooming is about a week later than normal.

The warm temperatures of the past few days have progressively melted snow, and beautiful flowers of three to four centimeters in diameter have bloomed. In the Japanese language of flowers (which assigns meanings to each type of flower), fukujuso means “Invites happiness”.
Inao smiled and said, “They bloomed gorgeously again this year,” and reported that they can be enjoyed up through this month.

The high temperature for the city of Hakodate on March 10 was 8 degrees Celsius. That is 3.5 degrees higher than the average annual for that day and on par with late March temperatures.

Enveloped in pleasantly warm temperatures evocative of spring, fukujuso flowers bloom amidst dried grass


Aoyagicho, Hakodate