Full bloom soba flowers, vivid against the seashore

Pure white soba flowers against the blue sky and Sea of Japan waters

Soba (buckwheat) flowers are in full bloom at Reuke Ranch, a sightseeing spot in the city of Rumoi. The white of the flowers stands out vividly in contrast against the blue backdrop of the Sea of Japan and the sky, dazzling the eyes of sightseers.
The soba flower stretch is an approximately three hectare span cultivated by the “Ororon Nanohana Network,” which is made up of local colza farmers. Usually they grow nanohana (rapeseed) there, but this year they planted soba seeds to prevent soil quality damage from replanting the same crop repeatedly.
According to the Network, soba harvested in the Rumoi outskirts has such a strong reputation that Tokyo soba noodle restaurants come all the way here to purchase it. The Network says, “Minerals in the salty sea air here enrich the flavor,” and hopes to, “use ‘Seashore Grown Soba’ to promote Rumoi with efforts including the development of ideas for new, innovative soba dishes.” The flower scenery will be viewable until late August.


Reuke Ranch