Fun climbing the famous Kamuiwakka Hot-spring Falls in Shiretoko

Part of the closed Shiretoko Park Prefectural Highway that leads to the Kamuiwakka Hot-spring Falls, a famous sightseeing spot on the Shiretoko Peninsula in eastern Hokkaido was opened on June 1. In no time, tourists who came to visit the falls were enjoying climbing it, as steam rose from the water that cascaded down amid the fresh greenery.

The falling water is warm, acidic water that springs from Mt. Io in the Shiretoko Mountain Range. The first 100 m of the waterfall, from the car park at the base, can be climbed. The part above that point is out of bounds due to the risk of rockfalls. According to the Shiretoko National Park Nature Center in the town of Shari, “The warmth of the waterfall can be experienced if you walk wearing rubber-soled socks or sandals with fixed heels.”


Kamuiwakka Hot-spring Falls