“Giant Snakes” sprouting in sand shore at sunset

Zebra pattern at Teshio River

Along the mouth of Hokkaido’s second longest river, Teshio River (Teshio Town) in northern Hokkaido, a zebra striped pattern has been showing up for the past few days at sunset along the sand shore, which has widened due to decreasing river water levels. The pattern looks like countless snakes lying in the sand.
At the upstream area of Teshio River, because early September rainfall was comparatively low, the 6:00 p.m. low tide results in river water decreasing more than normal. This leads to the striped pattern appearing in the part of the riverbed that is normally submerged in water.
The zebra striped pattern seems to have been shaped by continuous exposure of the river bed to the river mouth flow. The longer “snakes” measure up to dozens of meters. The zebra pattern strip extends as much as 100 meters upstream from the river mouth.