Glasswort blanketed in vermillion at Notoro lakeside in Abashiri

Lake Notoro glasswort fields begin to turn colors as autumn approaches

As autumn approaches, Japan’s largest natural glasswort area in Ubaranai, Abashiri City is beginning to change colors. The annual September “Lake Notoro Coral Grass Festival” has been cancelled for the second year running in response to the State of Emergency Declaration for Hokkaido as a COVID-19 countermeasure, but tourists are still enjoying the colorful vermillion scenery with the lake as a backdrop.

Glasswort is an annual grass of about 10 to 20 centimeters tall that grows in wetlands with high salt content. It is also called “sango grass” (coral grass) in reference to its vermillion autumn coloration. The Lake Notoro glasswort area is approximately four hectares.

The Lake Notoro glasswort area autumn coloration peak is expected to start from about late September. The Ubaranai Tourism Association commented, “It is sad that the festival was cancelled, but since we had continuous high temperatures in summer, this year’s autumn colors should be wonderful. We hope visitors enjoy the scenery.”


Lake Notoro