Happiness-bringing lilacs in Sapporo

A lucky lilac with five petals (May 13)
Lilacs blooming in Odori Park (May 13)

Lilacs that color early summer in Sapporo bloomed again this year in locations including Soseigawa Park. The “Sapporo Lilac Festival” in venues including Odori Park is being held online this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the beauty of the flowers has not changed.

At Soseigawa Park, some 200 lilacs are planted along the 820 meter-long park walkway. The approximately 30 different strains of lilacs bloom one after the other, and can be enjoyed until early June. The trees are shorter than those at Odori Park, and being able to view flowers close up is one of Soseigawa Park’s alluring points. “Lucky lilacs” with five petals instead of the usual four, and which are said to bring happiness, can be found relatively easily.


Soseigawa Park