Jewelry ice glows golden

Transparent lumps of ‘jewelry ice’, seasonal winter scenery in the town of Toyokoro in the Tokachi region of eastern Hokkaido, have been washed up on the Otsu coast in the town. Photo enthusiasts could be seen pointing their cameras at the ‘jewelry’ glowing golden in the morning sun.

 Jewelry ice is said to be ice that forms on the Tokachi River, which cracks and flows into the sea, where it is washed by the waves before drifting ashore. Normally, the jewelry ice appears from late January to the end of February, when it disappears from the coast due to the weather.

 This year, the ice was confirmed washed up along a stretch of shoreline approximately 1 km long on January 8. Some lumps of ice measure more than 1 m in diameter.
“We hope that that people can see the impressive sight while taking measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus,” said Mr. Umemura, executive director of the Tokachi Tourism Federation and amateur photographer.


Otsu Beach