Lack of Precipitation Leaves Taushubetsu River Bridge Unsubmerged

A famous sightseeing spot at Lake Nukabira in the town of Kamishihoro in Eastern Hokkaido – Taushubetsu River Bridge on the former Japan National Railways’ Shihoro Line (closed in 1987) – which is normally submerged under the water until September or so, remains unsubmerged this year, making the entire beautiful concrete-arch structure visible.
The rise in the lake’s water level is later than in normal years due to the lack of snow and rainfall. According to a local incorporated NPO, nothing like this has happened for over 20 years. Lake Nukabira is a hydro-electric power dam reservoir, and water levels change depending on the season. Completed in 1937, the bridge is usually visible from January to May but, subsequently, as the lake’s water level rises due to melting snow and rain, it becomes submerged beneath the lake by about September, resulting in it being known as the ‘phantom bridge’.


Taushubetsu River Bridge