Lavenders in full bloom across Hokkaido

Farm Tomita's Lavenders
Okhotsk Sea Ice Park
Horomi Pass
Sapporo Station North Exit

In July, Hokkaido’s famous summer lavender flowers have become perfect for viewing in many locations, and some lavender fields were crowded with tourists including the popular tourist farm “Farm Tomita” ( ) in the Furano region, which has 20 hectares of lavender fields.
Most of the cars waiting in line at Farm Tomita’s parking lot on the weekend had Hokkaido license plates. Most visitors wore masks to protect against the novel coronavirus. The atmosphere was different from the past, when it has usually been crowded with foreign tourists.

At Okhotsk Sea Ice Park located in eastern Hokkaido’s Mombetsu City, the 1.4 hectare lavender fields in the park are covered with about 12,000 lavender plants of 4 different types. The flowering date was 10 days later than last year, and the lavenders are at their best until the end of this month.

At the tourist farm “Yumekobo Sato” located on the top of Horomi Pass in the suburbs of Sapporo, visitors can enjoy seeing a lavender-carpeted hillside overlooking the city of Sapporo. It is also popular as a night view spot.

There is also a small lavender flowerbed on the rooftop of the bicycle parking lot at the north exit of Sapporo Station. This is a little-known great spot located only 3 minutes away from the station on foot.