Mystical sea of clouds at the Hakucho Bridge in Muroran

Sea mist spanning the Hakucho Bridge under blue skies. Mt. Yotei towers in the distance. Around 10 a.m. on the 12th, from the Mt. Sokuryo Observatory Deck

Mystical misty landscapes like the ones depicted in the film ‘Moruerani no kiri no naka’, which was set in Muroran in central Hokkaido, could be seen at places around Muroran on the morning of March 12. From the Mt. Sokuryo Observatory Deck, a sea of white clouds could be seen spanning the Hakucho Bridge beneath the blue sky, as sea mists flowed from the bay in line with the terrain.

 Mist that is often seen in Muroran is known as advection fog and occurs when moist warm air comes into contact with the cold surface of the sea.

 From early morning, amateur photographers who had gathered at elevated points in the city, such as Mt. Sokuryo and the like, could be seen photographing the sight. Baba Yukio, who has photographed the mists at Cape Chikyu and the like from four or five years ago, was impressed. “It’s scenery that you can’t see normally,”


Mt. Sokuryo Observatory Deck