Mystical sunsets enthrall tourists as autumn arrives in earnest at Lake Shikotsu

The surface of Lake Shikotsu colored by the sunset

Mystical scenery – including sunsets that make the lake surface look like its burning – are enthralling locals and tourists alike as autumn arrives in earnest at Lake Shikotsu (Chitose, central Hokkaido).

At just after 5 p.m. on September 30, with Mt. Eniwa (1,320 m) hidden amid the clouds, the blue lake surface was illuminated by the setting sun, turning it vivid shades of orange and red. As the sun gradually set, the light disappeared after approximately 40 minutes.

A man in his 70s, who has lived near the lake shore for many years said, “It’s autumn scenery that can rarely be seen. The number of tourists visiting Lake Shikotsu has decreased due to the pandemic, but if they have the chance, it’s something they should see.”


Lake Shikotsu