Nakayama Pass, the curved Muine-Ohashi Bridge

In the evening after a rain, in the mountains at the height of the vivid autumn colors season, a bridge traces a beautiful curve that blankets the rising clouds. The Nakayama Pass section of National Highway 230, an arterial highway linking Sapporo and southern Hokkaido, is an important route with heavy traffic.

On the Sapporo side of the mountainside expanse, Muine-Ohashi Bridge crosses over Usubetsu River in one immense curve. It was completed in 1969. At that time, straight bridges were the norm. Supported by a bridge pier with a maximum height of 27.8 meters, this approximately 240-meter-long curved bridge with a 140 meter radius garnered attention as an accumulation of the most cutting-edge bridge technology of its time. Around the 835-meter-high pass summit area, snow piled up on the ground on October 15, slightly earlier than usual. Wintertime is just around the corner.


Muine-Ohashi Bridge