Nicholas Observation Tower registered as Night View Heritage of Japan

Asahikawa City night view seen from the Tower
"Nicholas Observation Tower" newly registered as a Night View Heritage of Japan

Located in the Kamuicho, Asahikawa leisure facility Asahikawa Santa Present Park, “Nicholas Observation Tower” was registered as a “Night View Heritage of Japan” in the night view facility category by General Incorporated Association YAKEI Convention & Visitors Bureau (Tokyo).

The tower is currently closed due to the novel coronavirus. However, Asahikawa Santa Present Park was happy, “for this opportunity for people to learn about the Tower.”
The Night View Heritage of Japan system was established in 2004 by the YAKEI Convention & Visitors Bureau to promote night sceneries as a tourism resource. It consists of four categories, including “Natural Night Views” and “Night View Facilities”. Sites are selected once per year from among about 100 nationwide self-nominated and recommended candidate sites. Selection is conducted through evaluation of the Bureau office and votes from about 40 Night View Meisters with 1st Level certification in Night View Tourism. To date, 261 areas have been registered, including 20 spots in Hokkaido such as Mount Hakodate and the Sapporo TV Tower.
The Tower was constructed in 1996. It is 50 meters tall and stands at the peak of the 330 meter high ski area inside the park. Praised for its panoramic view of the Asahikawa cityscape and convenient access allowing cars to drive all the way up to the base of the Tower, it was registered in July as the first ever Night View Heritage of Japan site within Asahikawa. The parking fee is 1,000 yen per car. It is open from June to early October in normal years. A representative of Asahikawa Santa Present Park said, “Our hope is that many visitors can enjoy the night view here once the coronavirus pandemic subsides.”


Nicholas Observation Tower