Niji no Taki waterfall in Oketo, fantastical freezing

The "Niji no Taki" waterfall is freezing over more and more, presenting a fantastical sight (December 16, 2020)

In Oketo Town located in the Okhotsk region, the winter chill has grown even harsher, and the “Niji no Taki” waterfall along a Kanokozawa hiking course has been partially frozen over.
Early in the morning on December 16 of last year, when the temperature dropped to 16.5 degrees Celsius below zero, the fantastical display of connected icicles extended upwards 13 meters high amidst the reverberating sound of falling water. A city commerce and tourism officer reported, “The ice-over started this week. It will grow into an even more impressive sight in mid-winter.”


Niji no Taki