Ninth baby sea otter born at Cape Kiritappu

On May 11, a ninth baby sea otter was born and is growing up quickly on the coast of Cape Kiritappu (Cape Tofutsu) in the Kushiro region of eastern Hokkaido, which is a breeding ground for the endangered sea otter. The pup sleeps on its mother’s abdomen and suckles her breast. In the harsh natural environment where more than half of the pups that are born, die, a new sea otter story has begun.
According to Mr. Kataoka, director of the Etopirica Foundation, an NPO that conducts research into the sea otters, this is the fifth pup born to the mother. She gave birth between 5:00 and 8:30 a.m. on May 11, after a 6-month pregnancy, which started to become visible in April. There are currently six Chishima sea otters, including this mother and pup, inhabiting the area around the cape.

“The females help each other to raise their young. We are looking forward to seeing how the older sea otters that were born last year, interact with the mother and her pup,” said Director Kataoka.

A mother sea otter hugs a pup in the sea off Cape Kiritappu. May 24


Cape Kiritappu (Cape Tofutsu)