Yoshino cherry blossoms bloom 6 days earlier than normal in Matsumae   

The town of Matsumae in the Oshima region of southern Hokkaido declared on April 21 that the Yoshino cherry blossoms in Matsumae Park had bloomed. The cherry blossoms began blooming in Hokkaido five days later than last year but six days earlier than normal.
Under blue skies at 10:00 a.m., Matsumae Town officials confirmed buds had opened on at least five of the sample trees. According to the Town, the blossoms opened all at once amid the sunshine on the morning of the 21st. “In Matsumae, the cherry blossoms in the park and along the roadsides throughout the town are beautiful,” said a woman from the town.
The peak viewing period of the Yoshino cherry blossoms lasted until around May 1. Approximately 10,000 cherry-blossom trees of about 250 varieties, including early-blooming Nanden cherry blossoms, will bloom consecutively until mid-May, mainly in Matsumae Park.

Sample Yoshino cherry blossom trees bloom in Matsumae Park. April 21 at 12:15 p.m.


Matsumae Park