【Series】Spirits of the Kamuy landscape ⑧ Heart-shaped pair of Ural owls

A pair of Ural owls in a heart-shaped pose

A pair of Ural owls snuggle together amid a forest of falling leaves, forming a heart shape in the tree hollow in which they sit.

Ural owls grow to a length of 50-60 cm. They have eyes that can see well in the dark, and a specially-shaped face like a parabolic antenna that picks up the slightest of noises made by moving mice. As they can fly in virtual silence, Ural owls are accurate hunters that can approach their prey unnoticed.

In the forest of a shrine in the downtown area of the city of Mikasa in Central Hokkaido, a pair of Ural owls can sometimes be seen snuggling in the hollow of a tree in the season when the cold winds blow. The owls are loved by the local residents, who look forward to their arrival each year as autumn deepens.
As the snow begins to melt, the breeding season begins and, in the season of fresh verdure, cute owlets begin to appear.


Mikasa City