【Series】Spirits of the Kamuy landscape (20) The Hokkaido long-tailed tit, a much-loved fluffy ball

A Hokkaido long-tailed tit resting on a blade of grass that has tipped over under the weight of snow

I heard the cute chirping of birds from out of the woods in the town of Teshikaga in the Eastern region of Hokkaido, and knew it was the Hokkaido long-tailed tit.

The pure white Hokkaido long-tailed tit is about 14 centimeters long. Because its fluffy round body has a snowman feel, it is also called “Snow Fairy”. This bird is widely loved by both wild bird enthusiasts and the general public, and new photo collections are published almost yearly. It is also featured in all sorts of goods, including stuffed animals.

Small flocks ranging from several to a dozen or more Hokkaido long-tailed tits move from tree to tree, and in the early weekend mornings when not many people are outside, they can even be seen around the JR Kushiro Station area and on roadside trees along downtown shopping areas. In the summertime, they eat things like insects. But in the wintertime, they survive on a diet that includes small seeds and tree sap.

In deep winter in Eastern Hokkaido, many enthusiasts search for the Hokkaido long-tailed tit, considering it the golden prize.


Teshikaga Town