<Aerial Stroll> Hopes for revival of ‘ciffside playground’

Visitors to the rugged cliffs of the Otamoi coast in the city of Otaru are often overwhelmed by the beauty of the clear sea below, before summer begins in earnest.
Until approximately 70 years ago, ‘Otamoi Amusement Park’ was one of Hokkaido’s leading tourist spots, where countless holidaymakers packed the theater and beach. ‘Ryugukaku,’ a 3-story wooden restaurant built in 1934 as if it were protruding from the cliffs was particularly popular.

However, in 1952, Ryugukaku was completely destroyed in a fire and the amusement park closed. It was still possible to enjoy the magnificent view from the remains of the observatory, but that also closed due to a rockfall in 2006, and there were no plans for it to be reopened.

However, a glimmer of light has returned to the remains of the Otamoi Amusement Park. Furniture and interior producer and retailer Nitori (Sapporo) has donated a 50-million-yen redevelopment survey fund to the Otaru Chamber of Commerce & Industry, which will spend approximately one-and-a-half years investigating the potential for redevelopment.

CEO of Hokuo Sangyo Co., Ltd., which operates a sightseeing boat service from Otaru Port to the Otamoi coast says “The scenery is highly acclaimed among people who have travelled throughout the world. It would be great to see the crowds return.” Hopes are high for a revival of the Otamoi Amusement Park among people who often visited the beach in their younger days.


Otamoi Amusement Park