Photographers enthralled, setting sun sinks into drift ice at Cape Puyuni

Photographers taking pictures of the setting sun sinking into the drift ice (4:25 p.m., February 9 at Cape Puyuni in Shari)

As Okhotsk drift ice tourism reaches its peak season, numerous photographers and tourists are visiting “Cape Puyuni” in the Okhotsk region town of Shari to capture images of the setting sun sinking into the Shiretoko drift ice.

Famous as a photogenic setting sun spot, Cape Puyuni offers a panoramic view of the Utoro Port area. It is also a prime location to view drift ice flowing into Utoro and recorded its first drift ice day for this year on January 29.

On February 9, the weather was clear, and a large amount of drift ice was visible. As the sunset approached, a group of about fifty people made up of professional photographers and tour participants lined up side by side and began taking photographs. A male guide from the town of Rausu smiled, “When the main ice pack arrives, even bigger ice formations will be visible.” The final drift ice day is usually somewhere between March and April.


Cape Puyuni