Promoting amazing Rishiri Island sites with live camera stream

Video footage from the live streaming camera installed at Otatomari Swamp (supplied by Kurokawa)

Company executive Kurokawa in the town of Rishirifuji on Rishiri Island off of Northern Hokkaido is installing a live streaming cameras at tourist spots and areas of interest, and streaming video in real time through a video posting website ( His aim is to promote the attractiveness of the island to people who cannot visit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The beauty of scenery in Rishiri that changes with the hours of the day, especially sunrise and sunset, is capturing the hearts of viewers.

Kurokawa is an executive managing director at “Telenet Rishiri”, a company in Rishirifuji that handles contracts for projects such as telecommunication facility construction work. Out of a desire to “start with what we can easily do ourselves” amidst a decrease in tourists coming to the island during the COVID-19 pandemic, he began testing live streaming camera placement with coworkers in 2019. They began operating the streaming officially in the spring of 2021.

Currently, he has installed cameras at three places in the island: Otatomari Swamp, an inn in the Oshidomari area, and a variety store at Kutsugata Port. He is streaming video of the areas on the video posting website “YouTube”. Footage can be rewound up to 12 hours, letting viewers select their favorite streaming times, including sunrise and sunset.

The initial installation attempts were fraught with problems like not being able to set the camera up properly or suffering camera damage from lightning. They kept streaming during this uphill struggle, and after a while viewer comments started to come in every morning. They have even received comments of appreciation from island tourist guides, saying, “This is helpful in checking weather conditions when setting up guiding for tourists.”

Kurokawa commented, “I hope the videos inspire people to develop a desire to come see Rishiri scenery firsthand.” To promote viewing, he reports, “Moonlit nights here are beautiful at any location. You should definitely check out the video streams at least once.”

Kurokawa has also installed a camera at Himenuma Pond. But the pond has closed for the winter season, so streaming will be off until it starts again in late March 2022. He plans to install cameras at places such as Oshidomari Ferry Terminal and Rishiri Marine Hotel as well.


Otatomari Swamp