Rebun lady's slipper orchids bloom charmingly

Rebun lady's slipper orchids, loved nationwide

On Northern Hokkaido’s Rebun Island, known as “the Floating Island of Flowers”, this year the charming cream colored Rebun lady’s slipper orchids bloomed in a quiet atmosphere. Amidst the novel coronavirus pandemic, the town of Rebun is asking people to voluntarily refrain from visiting. Rebun Island is usually bustling with lady’s slipper orchids sightseeing in June, but this year it has been postponed until next year onward.

Rebun lady’s slipper orchids is an alpine plant of the orchid family. It is indigenous to the island, and registered as a critically endangered species. In its native growing areas in the Funadomari district, blooming started in late May, and local residents enjoyed snapping photos on smartphones and devices.

In past years, flowering areas have typically received several hundred tourists per day coming to see the flowers through sightseeing tours and the like. This year that number dwindled to a low count of around 80 people per day. Amidst a quiet atmosphere, the viewing season ended around June 10.


Native growing areas of Rebun lady's slipper orchids