Red and yellow trees reflected on Hachironuma Pond

Trees are illuminated and reflected on Hachironuma Pond colorfully

The “Hokuto Momiji Festival” took place for the first time in Hachironuma Park in southern Hokkaido’s Hokuto City on October 23. The trees were also illuminated that evening, and the red and yellow lit trees reflected on the water surface, producing a magical fantasy ambiance.
The event was organized by the Hokuto City Tourist Association. There are about 2,000 trees stretching across the park, including maple and azalea trees. An elementary school student from a neighboring city gazed at trees illuminated with orange and white lights and said with a smile, “This is a different atmosphere from the normal Hachironuma feel. The leaves were beautiful.”
The Tourist Association previously organized the popular “Hokuto Sakura Festival” event in which participants travel to multiple famous cherry blossom tree spots in the spring. The Association planned this new “Autumn Leave Corridor” event to attract visitors to Hokuto City in the autumn as well.


Hachironuma Park