Sarobetsu turns golden in late autumn

Cinnamon fern turns golden as late fall arrives at Naganuma Marsh

Cinnamon fern from the royal fern family of plants have turned a golden color around the shores of Naganuma Marsh (Horonobe Town) in the Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park in northern Hokkaido.
 Cinnamon fern is a fern that thrives in wetlands and, in autumn, colonies can be seen turning from green to golden by the side of the 700-m-long boardwalk overlooking Naganuma Marsh at the Horonobe Visitor Center, where the nature of Sarobetsu is introduced. It looks as if there’s a golden frame around the water surface, on which the clear autumn sky is reflected.
 Leaves of the Cinnamon fern are shed as it gets blown in the strong winter winds, until eventually the Sarobetsu Wetland falls into a deep winter sleep.


Naganuma Marsh