Several hundred brown-eared bulbul birds fly to their winter home

Cape Shirakami in Matsumae Town at the southernmost tip of Hokkaido is known as a migration route for birds. Currently, flocks of brown-eared bulbul birds are flying along that route towards Aomori Prefecture’s Tappizaki (cape) on the other side of the Tsugaru Strait to spend the winter there.
Early in the morning on October 17, several hundred brown-eared bulbuls appeared at a Cape Shirakami area grassland, accompanied by their chirping noise. The flock that took flight joined with another flock in the sky, enlarging the assembly further. Together, they crossed the approximately 20 kilometre strait to its opposite side, taking sudden dives and skimming the ocean surface to avoid birds of prey. Brown-eared bulbul migration is expected to last until mid-November.


Cape Shirakami