‘Shirogane Falls’ – the column of water that roars with snowmelt

 Water sprays dynamically from the Shirogane Falls by National Highway Route 231 in Ofuyu in the Hamamasu-ku district of the city of Ishikari in central Hokkaido, as snowmelt since late April has increased the amount of water.

 The waterfall is located near the border of the town of Mashike in the Rumoi region and has a change in elevation of 25 meters. The name ‘Shirogane’ (silver) is derived from the color of the water that flows like thousands of silver columns. Snowmelt from the snowy peaks of the Shokanbetsu Mountains in the Shokanbetsu-Teuri-Yagishiri Quasi-national Park roars as it flows into the Sea of Japan.

 According to the city’s Hamamasu branch office, the amount of water usually increases from the impact of the snowmelt from late April to May. A parking lot and observation point has been established to enable the waterfall to be viewed at close range.


Shirogane Falls