Snow capped Shiretoko mountain range clear against the blue sky

The snow-capped Shiretoko mountains against the blue skies. Mt. Rausu is on the left. Photographed from downtown Shibetsu on the 25th.

Cold air has entered the skies approximately 1,500 meters above Hokkaido, bringing bitterly cold early mornings and evenings to the Nemuro region in eastern Hokkaido. This cold spell cleared the air, and on the morning of November 25, the snow-capped peak of Mt. Rausu (1,661 m) could be seen against the blue sky from the center of the town of Shibetsu.

According to the Kushiro Local Meteorological Office, from midnight to the early morning of November 25, ‘winter days’ with freezing temperatures were recorded at all nine observation points in the subprefecture, including minus 7.4 degrees at Nakashibetsu Airport (Nakashibetsu) and minus 5.6 degrees in Attoko (Nemuro).

In the town of Shibetsu, where the temperature dropped to 3.8 degrees below zero, columns of frost appeared on embankments from the early morning, and white steam could be seen rising from drainage ditches on the national highway in front of a hot-spring facility. The air cleared after rain fell, and the Shiretoko mountain range, more than 40 kilometers to the north, became clearly visible from the center of town, beyond the Shibetsu fishing port.


Shibetsu Town