“Sunflowers, the Flowers of Yakumo Town”

The farmer says, "Let the sight of full bloom sunflowers refresh your heart."

A 71 year old farmer from the town of Yakumo in southern Hokkaido planted sunflowers in five spots, including idle farmlands in the Yamakoshi area. Those flowers are now in full bloom and perfect for viewing.

The farmer felt that, “Although the sunflower is the symbolic flower of Yakumo, there are not many places to see them,” so he started planting them two years ago.
He started to plant approximately 800 square meters of field, which has now expanded with the help of his friends. This year, the sunflower field will expand to 40,000 square meters in five locations, and a total of 400,000 sunflowers are expected to bloom in two months.

The flowers are now in full bloom at the field on a hilltop located just off the national road, with a panoramic view of Volcano Bay.
The seeds are planted at different times so visitors can enjoy the flowers until mid-September.


Yamakoshi area