The glowing sunset together with Mt. Rishiri and Teshio Riverside Park

Teshio Riverside Park, where elegant sunsets can be viewed with Mt. Rishiri in the background

The continuing blizzards of winter have finally ended and spring has arrived in earnest in northern Hokkaido. At Teshio Riverside Park in the town of Teshio, in the evenings, cold winds blow but, as well as the beauty of the sun setting in the Sea of Japan, the sight of Mt, Rishiri rising in the distance can also be enjoyed.

 The park is located at the estuary of Hokkaido’s second longest river, the Teshio River, and includes a wooden observation deck that protrudes over the surface of the river, as well as footpaths and lawns.

 According to Teshio Town officials, “Strict circumstances regarding the spread of Coronavirus infections continue, but you can enjoy beautiful sunsets at the Riverside Park, where it is easy to avoid the 3Cs.”


Teshio Riverside Park