Three thousand ‘floating hydrangea’ in 6 colors decorate Matsumae Park

Hydrangeas floating on the pond amid the rain in the grounds of the former Matsumae clan mansion

On July 15, the ‘Floating Hydrangea Festival’ began in the town of Matsumae in the Oshima region of southern Hokkaido, where, despite the rain, visitors enjoyed hydrangea flowers floating on an L-shaped pond in the grounds of the former Matsumae clan mansion in Matsumae Park. This year, a photo contest will be held for the first time to help promote the event, which continues until July 31.

This year, the third year the festival has been held, approximately 3,000 flowers were floated on the pond – about 500 more than last year – completely covering the surface of the water with six different colors, including purple and light blue. “It’s beautiful. The rain added to the atmosphere here in Matsumae, which is steeped in history,” commented a woman visiting from the city of Kawasaki.
The photo contest was organized for the first time in response to the large number of photo enthusiasts and young people who came to the event and posted their photos on social media. Those who wish to participate are asked to bring or send photos of ‘floating hydrangeas’ taken during the period of the contest, to the Matsumae Tourist Association by the end of August. The Grand Prix and other prize winners (prize money of 50,000 yen and 10,000 yen’s worth of local specialty products) will be announced on September 30.

For more information, please visit the Matsumae Tourist Association website.
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Former Matsumae clan mansion