Tundra Swans rest their wings

Tundra swans resting their wings at the stopover point at Onuma Marsh

Tundra swans have been arriving at Onuma Marsh in Koetoi-mura in the city of Wakkanai, a stopover point for the swans as they fly south from Siberia and the like, to spend the winter in Honshu.
 According to the birdwatching facility ‘Onuma Bird House’, 1,221 swans could be seen resting their wings at the marsh on the morning of October 18.
 The facility reports that this season the arrival of the swans is a week later than normal. Two birds were confirmed on the 5th, and the numbers have been steadily increasing since. On holidays, approximately 100 visitors can be seen taking photos of the tundra swans and ducks. At the peak period towards the end of October, over 2,000 swans are expected to fly in.


Onuma Bird House