White sea of clouds blankets downtown Hakodate

Sea fog blowing over downtown Hakodate from the Tsugaru Strait

On July 20, sea fog blew in from the Tsugaru Strait and blanketed the downtown area. From the peak of Mount Hakodate, a cottony layer of white clouds could be seen expanding across the urban area under an otherwise pure blue sky.
According to the Hakodate Local Meteorological Office, sea fog is formed when warm, moist air passes over a cold sea expanse. They are a symbol of summertime for the Hakodate area, and are frequently seen from June through August.
On this day, the phenomenon was visible from early morning up through just after midday. A male office worker visiting from Sapporo said, “I have come to Mount Hakodate many times, but I have never seen this before. It was beautiful and magical.”