【Kamuy landscapes】

The deep forests and coastlines inhabited by wildlife. Introducing Hokkaido’s natural scenery that changes with the seasons

Oct. 28, 2021

Special feature

【Kamuy landscapes】Lake Kussharo’s sea of clouds and the primeval forest that appears at sunrise

The wind that blows over the surface of the lake creates layers of shade and light in the sea of clouds

Dawn begins to break in the eastern sky. As the light pierces the dark scenery below, slowly the colors emerge.

Tsubetsu Pass, on the border between the Kushiro and Okhotsk regions, is a magnificent point from which to view Lake Kussharo. It is possible to view the lake covered with a sea of clouds, or the keyhole shaped Wakoto Peninsula, Nakajima and the surrounding mountains.

In autumn, when the sun begins to rise in the sky above the faraway Shiretoko Peninsula, the milky white veil of clouds shines a shade of amber, and the primeval forest of Wakoto Peninsula stands out in the form of a silhouette.

The divine sight that unfolds rapidly around the time of the sunrise disappears as soon as the sun is high in the sky.

(Photo and words by Shigeru Tadanobu)

Special feature

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