【Kamuy landscapes】

The deep forests and coastlines inhabited by wildlife. Introducing Hokkaido’s natural scenery that changes with the seasons

Nov. 9

Special feature

【Kamuy landscapes】 Beautiful forest shadows created by yellow larch leaves and oblique light

A screen of glowing yellow leaves beyond the larch forest

I headed home after a photo shoot in the foothills of Mt. Tokachidake.

After taking a detour to the nearby Shirogane Hot Springs, while on the way to central Biei in the Kamikawa region, on a whim I took a left turn towards Kamifurano. As I was passing by Shirogane Dam, the scenery of a yellow-leaved forest lit by the afternoon sun caught my eye. Making sure not obstruct the traffic, I set up my tripod and took a few photos.

The forest I photographed has many Erman’s birch trees and, without the right timing and oblique light would be a run-of-the-mill forest that can be found anywhere in Hokkaido. The larch forest in the foreground is in the shadows of the hill to the west, and plays a supporting role in making the yellow leaves stand out.

The changing season brings a glow to a nameless forest. I just happened to have passed by and was moved by the sight; just happy to have been born and raised in the land of Kamuy.

(Words and photo by Shigeru Tadanobu)


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