【Kamuy landscapes】

The deep forests and coastlines inhabited by wildlife. Introducing Hokkaido’s natural scenery that changes with the seasons

Nov. 23

Special feature

【 Kamuy landscapes】 Shiretoko sunrise, sky color changes from moment to moment

Nemuro Strait painted with vivid sunrise colors

Early in the morning as the Shiretoko sky started to brighten, I went outside to get fresh air.

Taking just one step out of the front door of the inn, already I was immersed in the smell of the ocean. The town of Rausu is sandwiched between the ocean and the precipitous Shiretoko mountain range. Houses line the shore. I took a deep breath, sending oxygen into my sleepy head. Rising up from the other side of the Nemuro Strait, Kunashir Island loomed large and black. It seemed so close, it felt like I could reach out and touch it.

Just before the sun came up, the sunrise colors seeped from gaps in the clouds. Clouds that had just moments before looked mistakenly thick were now painted with a gradation of color. Strong winds gusting down from the mountains were moving the clouds. The sunrise colors changed with each passing moment.

A little after 6:00 a.m., the morning sun came out. Color played against a screen of sky and clouds for a time, building up to the eventual moment when the powerful light would finally illuminate the entire landscape expanse.

(Words and photo: Shigeru Tadanobu)


Rausu Town

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