blue pond

  • The Blue Pond glows mystically during the test illumination for the light-up event. 5:10 p.m. om October 29

    Test illumination was carried out on October 29 at the ‘Blue Pond,’ a tourist attraction in the town of Biei in the Kamikawa region of northern Hokkaido, where a light-up began on November 1. Touri...

  • The Shirogane "Blue Pond" in northern Hokkaido's Biei Town. This is a popular sightseeing spot where the water surface glimmers blue from the reflecting of light by water that contains aluminum. Every year since 2014, an executive committee made up of constituents including the local town government has been beautifully illuminating the area at night for tourists who visit in the winter, when the blue pond surface freezes and is covered in snow.

  • The ‘Blue Pond,’ a famous sightseeing spot in the town of Biei in central Hokkaido, was lit-up in a floodlighting test carried on October 21.