• September 1 marks 37 years since the Korean Air Lines Flight 007 Incident that resulted in the death of all 269 passengers and crew members. A ceremony commemorating the victims in the accident and praying for peace was held on that day at Wakkanai City's Cape Soya Park, which overlooks the waters off of Sakhalin Island where the crash occurred.

  • In the "Three Ship Tragedy", three Japanese ships were sunk in a Soviet submarine attack off the coast of Rumoi in northern Hokkaido on August 22 after World War II had already ended, and Sakhalin war evacuees lost their lives. The 37th flame ceremony to comfort the souls of those who lost their lives in the incident was held on the evening of August 16 at the Three Ship Tragedy memorial area next to Rumoi City Umi no Furusatokan hall.