• Raw alpaca wool that the tourist ranch has started to sell

    Viva Alpaca Farm, a tourist ranch in the town of Kembuchi in the Kamikawa region, has begun online sales of raw wool harvested from the alpacas that are raised there.

  • On February 11, an ‘ice carousel’ – a merry-go-round in which the frozen surface of a lake is cut to form a circle which is then rotated on the surface of the water – appeared at Lake Sakuraoka in the town of Kembuchi in northern Hokkaido. An event scheduled for this month was cancelled due to the spread of the coronavirus, but the town's tourism association made the carousel to promote the event for next season and beyond.

  • Yoshitake Shinsuke is the creator of ‘Neguse no Shikumi’ (the mechanisms of bed hair) (Bronze Publishing Inc.), which was selected for the 31st Kembuchi Ehon-no Sato (Picture Book Town) Grand Prize (sponsored by the Kembuchi Ehon-no-Sato Creation Executive Committee) announced on October 1. It is the first time the award has been presented to the same person for three consecutive years. “It’s great that each time the voters say it is interesting,” said a delighted Yoshitake. With its comical touch, ‘Pan dorobo’ (bread thief) (Shibata Keiko, KADOKAWA Corporation) was selected for the runner-up Bibakasrasu Award, along with ‘Watashi no namae wa Soya Honsen’ (The Soya Main Line) (words by Arao Michiko, pictures by Horikawa Makoto; Asunaro Shobo) – which has strong connections with the region. Both creations received high appraisals from those concerned.

  • The ‘Your Chair Project’ (headed by Isoda Kenichi) – in which eight towns and villages in Hokkaido and beyond participate, including five towns in the Kamikawa region of northern Hokkaido – held a presentation for its 2021 model at the Kembuchi Museum of Picture Books on April 25.