• “We want to create a facility that attracts people to Hokkaido,” said CEO Ide Naoyuki (right) and general project manager Maezawa Ken during the PR event

    The restaurant will be operated by YO-HO Brewing Company (Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture), a major craft-beer brewer in Japan. Ide Naoyuki, CEO of YO-HO Brewing, which is making its first foray into ...

  • Heating equipment and humidifier manufacturer PS Kogyo Sapporo Factory (Kitahiroshima City) was selected as a national green factory to win the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award (METI Minister Award) for this fiscal year. The award was recognition for PS Kogyo's status as a "Factory in a Forest", the result of their planting and maintaining some twenty thousand trees on the ten-hectare factory property for a half-century since 1973, the year after their factory launched. This is the 11th METI Minister Award for a Hokkaido site.

  • In early October, the City of Kitahiroshima in central Hokkaido – along with Toyota Motor Corporation and other companies – carried out an experimental demonstration of small-scale electric vehicles (EV) that operate at walking speed, at facilities for the elderly in the city. The demonstrations were conducted at the suggestion of the company that operates the “Hokkaido Ballpark F☆Village” (BP), which is scheduled to be opened by the Hokkaido Nippon Ham pro baseball team in the city in 2023. Representatives say they would like to consider using the Evs as a means of transportation for the elderly and within the BP.

  • The ‘Kobayashi Farm Soft-serve Ice Cream Shop’ run by the Kobayashi Farm dairy in Sapporo’s neighboring city of Ebetsu is proving popular. After opening in late April, the establishment attracted approximately 1,300 visitors per day during the long vacation period. With milk and cheese also on sale there, the wide range of fresh dairy products is receiving favorable reviews.