• (From the right) GOMA, Ms. Toko and Ms. Goukon performing a mini concert

    On December 12, approximately 80 people enjoyed a mini performance of the ‘mukkuri,’ a traditional Ainu musical instrument, and ‘digeridoo,’ a wind instrument of the Australian Aborigine, at ‘The K...

  • The Gunma Symphony Orchestra (Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture), known as a pioneer among regional orchestras, held a free, impromptu concert in the town of Rishiri on the island of Rishiri in northern Hokkaido. After performing for students from three elementary and junior high schools, the ferry that the orchestra was due to take back to Wakkanai was cancelled because of a storm. However, a nice touch in taking advantage of the available schedule meant that the warm, beautiful tones resonated in the hearts of the townspeople.

  • At Open-Air Concert Hall Kitaon in Iwamizawa Park, located in Central Hokkaido's city of Iwamizawa, the music event "JOIN ALIVE" has been greenlit after a year absence, to the joy of local residents and sightseeing industry workers. Due to thorough implementation of novel coronavirus spreading prevention measures, the event will be held two months later than normal, on September 4 to 5.

  • On August 1 Sapporo Symphony Orchestra performed its first concert in five months at the main concert hall in Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara. As a prevention measure against novel coronavirus spreading, they performed with fewer performers and audience members than usual. About five hundred audience members enjoyed listening to a live orchestra performance after the long period of closure.