• Participants canoeing down the grand Teshio River (July 2019)

    "Down the Teshi" is one of Japan's largest canoe touring competitions, taking participants down the Teshio River. On April 2, the competition Executive Committee decided to hold this year's event o...

  • Tracing a curved path through the snow, a red snow-plow train car emerges from amidst the trees together with the sound of a steam whistle. Light mechanical noises instantaneously chime all together, both clacking and clicking. This sound, like the wing flapping of a swarm of birds or insects, lasted for about ten seconds and then ceased right as the train passed by.

  • Lightening phenomenon known as ‘sprite’ in which red flashes of light can be seen discharging towards space from thunderclouds, was successfully filmed on the night of September 2, at the Municipal Astronomical Observatory in the city of Nayoro in northern Hokkaido. According to experts, the phenomenon occurs in the upper atmosphere between 40 and 80 kilometers above the earth. It can sometimes be seen in winter in the Hokuriku region of Japan, but is rarely filmed in Hokkaido. The observatory will soon publish still images and videos of the phenomenon on its website.