• Kiuchi (right) holding the cider released for the first time, and Ueda with the white wine limited to sale in Shiribeshi restaurants

    The first cider brewed by Pink Orchards, a cider brewery in the town of Yoichi in the Shiribeshi region of central Hokkaido, and a white wine produced by Domaine ICHI, a winery in the town of Niki,...

  • On September 28, the harvest of ‘La La Shine’ Shine Muscat grapes – a luxury table variety that has become a new specialty-product brand of the town of Niki in the Shiribeshi region of central Hokkaido – began in the vineyards at the fruit farm of Mori Takatsugu (64). Shine Muscat is a large, seedless variety that can be eaten with its skin. It is a luxury product that costs more than 5,000 yen per bunch when purchased as a gift. The Shin-Otaru Agricultural Cooperative (Niki) began shipping the grapes in 2018, and from last year gave them the name and sold them as a brand.