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  • A rider speeds out from time trial start line

    On June 11, the ANA Niseko Classic, one of the largest cycle races in Hokkaido, was held in the town of Kutchan in the Shiribeshi region of central Hokkaido. The event was held for the first time i...

  • I’ve been in Japan since 2014 and if there’s anything I’ve learned since coming here it’s to stay open minded. After graduating from university with a degree in Japanese, I didn’t want to be limited to the field a majority of English speaking foreigners find themselves in when coming to Japan: English teaching. Looking to assimilate as best I could, I applied to a variety of entry level positions in Japanese companies and I actively looked for opportunities unrelated to English education where I could put myself in all-Japanese environments. After all, if I could speak the language, why would I limit myself to a job where I didn’t need to speak Japanese?

  • As summer arrives in Shiribeshi, the energy of the region is reflected in the vibrant greens of the forests and iridescent blues of the seas and lakes in the area. It’s the season of blues and greens, sunny days and great adventures.

  • National Highway Route 276 Bifue Pass, which connects the Otaki district of the city of Date and the city of Chitose in the Iburi region of Hokkaido, has been closed to traffic since April due to fears of bedrock collapse, impacting access for tourists heading from New Chitose Airport to the foot of Mt. Yotei. At this point in time, there is no indication as to when the road will be reopened, and a major detour remains necessary.

  • On May 14, WeCorporation (Niseko Town), a company engaged in the management and operation of accommodation facilities and new business proposals, opened ‘Smooth Niseko’ – a total-beauty salon offering treatments such as head spas and hair removal – in a vacant store in the Hirafu district of the town of Kutchan. The salon aims to create a place where women can also spend time in comfort in the area, where outdoor activities are popular. The salon is expected to become a space for healing and relaxation not only for tourists but for local customers, too.

  • On May 13, Lupicia, a major tea sales company in the town of Niseko, opened a direct sales store, ‘EX-Factory’ on a site adjacent to the Niseko View Plaza roadside rest area. The store sells a wide variety of products manufactured by the company, including boxed lunches and sandwiches made from cultivated and wild vegetables available from the roadside rest area, as well as tea and sweets.

  • In March I flew home to Australia to see family and friends for the first time in two years. Australia had some of the world's strictest travel restrictions through the pandemic, so I was expecting an arduous immigration process. To my surprise it turned out to be a breeze. After showing my vaccination certificates and negative PCR test results along with my passport, I was free to enter the country.

  • Forty new pairs of desks and chairs for the art room at Rankoshi Junior High School have been made by Yunosato Desk, a woodworking workshop in the town of Rankoshi in the Shiribeshi region. Each piece was handmade using lumber produced in Hokkaido, with a focus on natural color and texture. The desks and chairs were used in art classes at the beginning of the new school year. The two craftsmen at the workshop hope that the aroma and warmth of the wood from their work will be conveyed to the students.

  • The most important thing in sports for me is for it to be fun. Sure I have been frustrated or even cried after losing. But overall, I was having fun and would be back training and in the next competition fighting for the win.

  • Makkari is where we call home. Like many people living in Hokkaido, we emigrated from elsewhere. And like many Hokkaido residents, we absolutely LOVE living here! However, arriving in Makkari was by pure chance. So how did we come to be here?