• The popular Momoiwa Observatory Course. Climate change threatens to impact the ecology of alpine plants, which have many fans. Photographed last June

    The town of Rebun, a remote island in northern Hokkaido, has formulated the ‘Rebun Island Ikimono Tsunagari Project’ (forms of life connection project), a 10-year regional biodiversity strategy sta...

  • The Rebun Island Tourist Association invited experts knowledgeable about sightseeing and implemented a tour exploring the potential of workations. The project promotes the allure of working in an environment surrounded by nature and the appeal of local food, natural settings, and history. The island's core industry of tourism is struggling in the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Association wants to introduce new styles of travel that attract tourists during slow times and entice younger targets or individual travelers.

  • A flock of sandpipers about one hundred birds strong flies along the coast of Rebun Island. These sandpipers are red-necked phalaropes. They are approximately 19-centimeter-long migratory birds that spend the winter in Southeastern Asia in countries including the Philippines and then head north for the Arctic Circle when summer comes.

  • On Northern Hokkaido's Rebun Island, known as "the Floating Island of Flowers", this year the charming cream colored Rebun lady's slipper orchids bloomed in a quiet atmosphere. The viewing season ended around June 10.

  • I succeeded in photographing one common shelduck at the coast of Funadomari Bay, a body of water located off of Northern Hokkaido's Rebun Island. The common shelduck is designated as an endangered species in the Ministry of the Environment Red List. In Hokkaido, there are confirmed cases in the Southern Hokkaido area, but Northern Hokkaido sightings are extremely rare.

  • In the Rebun Town National Health Insurance Funadomari Clinic, on the remote island of Rebun off northern Hokkaido, Akio Masuda returned to his hometown and started working as a full-time doctor this year. Akio's father Tetsuzo Masuda was formerly the only full time doctor on the island. Since Tetsuzo plans to retire in the spring of 2022, Akio decided to return to the island.